We are a thriving association, with just under 100 members who all take part in a wide range of shooting and conservation activities.

Membership Fees

Our classes of membership mirror those of BASC, with whom we are affiliated. The following is a summary of BASC group membership rates, which we use to calculate your membership fee (see further down):

 - £29 for all persons aged under 21

 - £71 for all persons aged over 21

 - £71 for Gamekeeper members

Your annual membership fee will consist of the relevant BASC fee, plus £143 DWA subscription. So, for an adult member this will be £71 + £143 = £214. There are concessions on the DWA subscription for junior, student and pensioner members.


 - New members pay a joining fee of £25; this is a one-off payment provided that membership is maintained

 - All members must join BASC via DWA (this rule is to ensure that DWA members are insured with BASC throughout    their membership, although exceptions can be made for Gamekeeper and Life members of BASC)

 - Youth membership is for members who are under the age of 21 years on September 1st

 - Gamekeeper membership is for members who are employed as full-time gamekeepers

 - All fees are per annum and payable on September 1st unless otherwise stated

 - DWA membership run from September 1st

 - BASC membership runs from April 1st of the year following

 - Due to this misalignment of subscription periods, proportional fees for the current year will be payable by new    members paying their first subscription.


Membership Application

DWA Constitution & Rules

If you would rather apply by email please do so

to the following address:

Apply Online

We currently have a waiting list for membership. Please follow this link for a step by step membership application, and your details will be added to the list.