Wildfowling in Poole Harbour

DWA holds the lease for the Crown foreshore in Poole Harbour.

We are responsible for both the control and promotion of all shooting activities in Poole Harbour. There are opportunities available for both members of DWA and non-members to shoot in Poole Harbour during the wildfowling season.

Members of DWA may request a wildfowling permit from the Wildfowling Officer (the fee for this permit is incorporated into our annual membership fees).

Please contact Ryan Adamson - permits@dorsetwildfowlers.org.uk


Please note that all areas of Poole Harbour in which shooting is permitted are only accessible by boat ... for the avoidance of doubt, there is NO access by foot to ANY permitted wildfowling areas in Poole Harbour.

Poole Harbour

Permit Scheme

We are supporters of BASC's Wildfowling Permit Scheme.

If you are not currently a member of DWA, you may apply for a non-member’s permit from us. However, depending upon your needs, it may be cheaper to join DWA than to pay for a non-member’s fowling permit, especially if you intend visiting several times during the season. The fees for permits are as follows:

 - Single day £30

Certain conditions must be met before our Wildfowling Officer can issue non-members with a wildfowling permit:

 - All applicants must hold a current shotgun certificate, unless they are a guest of a DWA wildfowling permit holder

 - All applicants must provide evidence of current third party and public liability insurance provided through an approved field sports organisation (such as BASC)

 - No non-members may shoot in Poole Harbour at weekends during September or October.

If you are interested in visiting us as a non-member, please Contact us for more information.

Wildfowling Poole Harbour - Punt Gun